All our training videos for the training session " Maptitude in 60 minutes" are based on these excel sheets. 
These are typically for sales and marketing companies. You can easily adopt the structure for your company data.
Our Tip:   >>>  If you would like to follow the examples in the videos on your PC step by step, we will be happy to send you the files.

1,090 COCs, Chambers of Commerce (addresses downloaded from the internet)
                      Table  consists of  COC-No. =  Index-Field, Territory Specs, COC Short- and Long name, Postal address


                    COC-No., Email and Web, Phone- and Fax-Numbers, (*) random numbers (No. of COC Members, Advertizing Budget), Address coordinates


10 Sales Offices   fictional addresses and names

Sales offices

10 Home Offices   fictional addresses and names

Home offices

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